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Personal / Family

Family matters are those that relate to marriage, civil unions, adoption, annulment, child custody, child support, legal separation, and/or divorce.

Personal matters are those that pertain to oneself. This includes but is not limited to: name change and/or birth certificate change. The laws regarding personal matters vary from state to state.

We can help with legal forms relating to the following matters:

1. Divorce
2. Annulment
3. Legal Separation
4. Qualified Domestic Relations Order
5. Motion to Contempt
6. Conservatorship
7. Name Change
8. Birth Certificate Change
9. Custody
10. Child Support
11. Adoption
12. Legal Guardianship (Child)
13. Termination of Parental Rights
14. Visitation
15. Establish Paternity
16. Parenting Plan


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